• Parragon Books

    we've got it covered for a global publishing company...

    Parragon Books are a major UK based publisher producing a wide range of titles for markets worldwide. Talking Design have a long relationship with Parragon designing books with subjects covering everything from cookery to sudoku. We are experienced in the particular requirements of the publishing design sector such as language translations and differences in international tastes and customs.

    “I can always rely on talkingdesign consistently delivering fresh and original ideas that make our titles sell in a fiercely competitive market”
    Vickie Voss, Senior Buyer, Cookery Titles, Parragon Books
  • The Sound of Music Series

    Developed for a major UK high street retailer this series of titles included a DVD of archive material. We designed a strong series style to link the titles using black and white archive images combined with a distinctive coloured band. We also developed a series logo to link the titles.

  • Made Simple...

    Cookery Series A series of cookery titles emphasising the best in regional cookery from around the globe. We designed an appropriately simple cover style with an enticing colour image of the dish and a monochrome background image. This combined with clean and modern typography made for a strong and distinctive series style - as with so many other things, less is often more!

  • Various Titles

    Over the years we've worked on a huge variety of titles but the basic requirements are always the same: the book must grab the attention of the viewer in an exciting and intriguing way! Our goal is that sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.

    The DIY Manual, The 100 Calorie Cookbook, Cooking on the Campsite
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Project Disciplines:

  • Cover concepts, design & artwork
  • Spread concepts, design & artwork
  • Full title production
  • Picture research
  • Illustration and photography art direction