• Sutton Winson

    delivering a bright future for an insurance broker...

    Insurance Brokers Sutton Winson have a history going back over 50 years, but they needed an image that would make them ready for the next 50. We developed a typographic solution which utilised bold provocative statements and strong colour combinations resulting in an eye catching identity which which gave Sutton Winson a high level of visibility in their industry sector.

    “We asked talking design to think outside the industry box and they created a bold and instantly recognisable brand”
    Tim Brangwyn, Head of Services Burgess Hill office
  • Brand Book

    To celebrate the launch of the new designs a brand book was produced and sent to all branches which explained the ideas and philosophy behind the new style. This ensured everyone was aware of the new style and understood why the changes had been made.

  • Advertising

    Simple strong colours and bold typography make for eye catching ad designs, making a change from the usual cliched imagery of happy couples dancing with umbrellas as the rain begins!

    Sutton Winson Brand Guidelines Book
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Project Disciplines:

  • Brand Creation
  • Stationery Design
  • Advertising
  • Printed support material
  • Intranet design
  • Website Design