frequently asked questions

If you haven't worked with a marketing agency before, and even if you have!, it can sometimes seem a bit intimidating and difficult to know where to start. So below we've tried to answer some of the questions that often come up and clear up some of the processes and terms and that we use. If we've missed anything out please do give us a call and we would be happy to chat through and clarify anything for you.

Design & Print

This is one of the questions we get asked most, and it's one of the most difficult to answer as every business is unique with its own needs. However to give you some idea for a typical small business needing a new brand including logo, stationery design and some signage or vehicle livery the cost would be in the hundreds. Of course this excludes the print production but we able to offer very competitive print and signage costs on request

We're confident that this will not be the case. We take the time to understand your business and more importantly your target audience so we can be confident that the designs we come up with will not only be creative and original but will be appropriate for your customers and so effective in marketing your business. We will initially supply you with a selection of 2 or 3 designs to choose from and include 3 rounds of revisions to perfect the design.

Usually the inital design concepts take 2/3 weeks, and the refinement another week. At which point we will havde a finished design readt to apply to any required items such as stationery and vehicle livery. Printing for simple items such as stationery takes around a week.

We will supply your new branding to you in suitable formats for use on and off line. We would recommend the production of a simple set of brand guidelines that specify colours, typefaces, layouts etc this will help ensure the consistent use of your brand going forward. We like to think of ourselves as working in partnership with our clients working to our mutual benefit on projects going forward.


Well it depends - I'm sure you've heard that before! But in the case of websites it's probably more true than for any other services we offer. A simple site of a few pages showcasing your business services can start in the hundreds, ranging up to many thousands for a large complicated bespoke custom content management system. So we really do need to get to know the requirements of your business so we can put a proposal together for you.

Generally speaking, and dependent on the technical specification, your website will be launched within six to eight weeks from receipt of a signed purchase order and payment, providing all necessary content and information have been supplied.

We offer our own hosting which we believe to be very reliable and good value, but if you wish to host the site yourself you are quite welcome to do so.

Yes – most of it. Each website comes with a CMS (content management system). This means you can edit the text on the pages as often as you like and change things like special offers, photos, prices etc. You will be given full training on the use of the simple CMS (content management system) and this is included in your website package.


Marketing is the tactics and means you will employ to actively market to your target audience and achieve your business goals. Identifying your target audience, goals and objectives is crucial to formulating an effective marketing strategy.

Whatever the size of your business it is important that you market your business to your target audience. Having a strategy in place as outlined above means you have clear steps to take to meet your objectives. It means you something to measure the success of the marketing activity against.

We offer online digital marketing and traditional offline marketing. Which is applicable to you is dependent upon your specific needs but usually some combination of both proves to be effective.