ipad: the future for publications?

by Mark | Posted under: Design News

ipad: the future for publications?

“talkingdesign” are about to undertake the production of their first magazine designed specifically for the ipad, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts on the benefits of having your corporate publication or magazine on the ipad or other tablet device, plus a couple of the downsides you may wish to consider.

I see two major areas of benefit to a magazine on the ipad: 1. Your magazine becomes interactive giving the reader a much more immersive experience. To give you an idea of the sort of things you can incorporate into your magazine: Video, think for instance of having an interview playing out on the page instead of having to read questions and answers. Panoramic and pan & zoom images: Say for instance your magazine has a feature on a certain city you can incorporate a full panorama of the city skyline as well as images of the city that you can zoom into and out of and pan around within the frame. 360° views: Say your publication features a product, you can have a 360° view of that product that the user can interact with to spin round using finger gestures. Hyperlinks: You can embed links to websites, email address, locations etc all within the page, for example imagine your company address in the publication, the user just taps on the address and it launches a google map giving them directions to get to you. These are just some of the interactivity that’s available, but I think you can start to see how your magazine can come to life on an ipad or tablet. The second major benefit?, that’s easy, no print costs!

So what are some of the potential downsides, well the first one is fairly obvious your readers will need an ipad (or other tablet device), so you will need to carefully consider your target market to decide if this approach is appropriate, but like most technology these devices are becoming more and more common (with the new full colour kindle due for release in the near future). You may wish to consider a crossover period where you produce a printed copy and an ipad version to gradually wean your readers away from the print with heavy promotion of the ipad version. You will also need to do your research into how the distribution mechanism works for these online magazines, there are several requirements Apple needs to allow your magazine onto the system. There are also a number of software packages for the technical production of the magazine which offer different business models to consider.

I believe it’s a very exciting prospect for the future of publication. If you wish to discuss s potential project or just find out more, give us a call or drop us a line, details here on our contact page.