Why your brand needs to be flexible

by Mark | Posted under: TIps and Advice

Why your brand needs to be flexible

In recent years a new trend has emerged in brand design which I’ve termed ‘flexible branding’. This approach covers a number of variations but has essentially emerged as a reaction to the way technology has changed how we interact with the world.

Your business might be seen by your customers on everything from mobile phones and tablets to traditional printed literature. Essence of ‘flexible branding is that you no longer have just the traditional logotype that is applied in the top left corner to various printed items but a more integrated approach where the branding can adapt to suit its environment.

One great example of this is the OCAD University identity by Bruce Mau not only does the logo come in a variety of formats but it also encourages it’s users to customize each logo themselves, making the identity seem less impersonal. Another great example is Ravensbourne College identity by Johnson Banks, notice how the free form shapes of the logo can be arranged differently to suit the particular implementation.

So next time you look at your business’s brand think flexible!