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Do you have the right position in mind?

brand positioning

Establishing a clear position in the mind of your audience is key to a successful brand. Your position clarifies what you do differently, better than others and more importantly why they should choose you instead of your competition.

There are many different approaches you can take to establish your brand position, such as price based, disruption based, convenience based, quality based to name a few. But whatever position you identify as the key to your brand it will form the basis for all your communication going forward.

Two real life examples of positioning would be Tesla who position themselves as luxury brand not focusing on price and Airbnb who position themselves as an authentic experience, offering total immersion in the local way of life.

When it comes to you own positioning don’t think you need to necessarily come up with some revolutionary new idea like Airbnb, you just need to identify the one thing that you do better than your competition: are you faster; more efficient; better designed; more convenient? And make that the thread that runs through all your branding communication.

So when you next think about your brand make sure you have the right position in mind.