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Your logo is just one piece of your brand

The words logo and brand are often used interchangeably, so it’s no surprise there is a lot of confusion around the subject. But your logo is just one piece in the whole picture of your brand. Your brand exists in every aspect of your business from customer service to packaging to marketing to websites and it all needs to be in alignment to create an effective brand presence.

Don’t get me wrong your logo is still an important branding element, but think of it more as a visual shortcut to your whole brand rather than the brand itself. When you see the Apple logo for instance, sure it’s a memorable icon but what it’s really doing is acting as a visual trigger in your mind for all the qualities and emotions that you associate with the Apple brand; the sleekly designed iPhones and iMacs, the rebellious ‘Think Differently’ attitude, the beautiful advertising imagery. It’s not possible to put all this into one logo and indeed it’s not desirable as the best logos are usually the simplest ones.

So when you are next looking to create an new brand or rebrand an existing one first take a step back and consider the whole picture that you are looking to create before creating the individual pieces of that picture.